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Regarding packaging and products

GreenPan uses minimal protective sleeves for transportation to prevent natural depletion.

In rare cases, chips may occur on the surface or edges of the frying pan when the product is subjected to stress or impact due to shaking at sea or domestic transportation (trucks) during transportation. Even if there is a chip, you can rest assured that the aluminum base is made of a material that meets safety standards, so you can use it with confidence.

In addition to the safety of the manufacturing process and the product itself, Green Pan is working to address current issues such as the CO2 issue caused by cutting down the wood used in packaging, etc. We have decided to stop using packaging boxes as much as possible.

We hope that you will understand and agree to this part.

*If there are large chips or scratches, please contact us.

For a PFAS-free future

There is now a movement around the world to stop the use of PFAS (perfluoroalkyl substances). PFAS is a substance that hardly decomposes in the natural world, so once it is released into the natural world, it remains undegraded for thousands of years, so it is called an "eternal chemical substance." It is fluid and is released into the manufacturing process, food, and air, causing negative effects on humans, wild animals, and the natural environment.

GreenPan, which started in 2007, does not use fluororesin (PTFE) and has never used any chemical substances that have a negative impact on the human body or the environment, such as PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium. The time has finally come for our desire to deliver healthy and safe cooking utensils to fruition. Choosing a PFAS-free future means choosing GreenPan.

Safe and secure coating

Thermolon™ Ceramic Coating for Safety and Security

GreenPan's patented "Thermolon™" is a ceramic coating used as a non-stick coating. Used in all Green Pan series.

Thermolon Ceramic Coating has an excellent non-stick coating that prevents stickiness and is easy to clean during and after cooking.

Diamond particles with high thermal conductivity are mixed into ceramic that has a far-infrared effect, so the synergistic effect allows the food to heat up quickly, resulting in quick and delicious cooking.

In addition, the ceramic coating has a heat resistance temperature of approximately 450℃, so no harmful substances will dissolve or noxious gases will be emitted into the air.

GreenPan Technology

GreenPan's unique IH Magneto processing technology

To use an IH cooker, you need to attach electromagnetic induction material to the bottom of the pot or frying pan. You may often see cookware that has a thick electromagnetic induction plate attached to the bottom. In fact, this board has slow heat conduction and takes time to cook.

GreenPan's Magneto heats up quickly because the bottom part contains electromagnetic induction powder containing copper, which has excellent thermal conductivity. I also like that it's lightweight because it's a powder. I often hear that when grilling hamburgers, the inside and outside of the frying pan have different grill marks, which is disappointing. However, this Magneto uses IH technology that makes the most of the heat transfer of the ceramic coating, so the outside of the hamburger steak will be beautifully browned. Delicious cooking is possible only with GreenPan technology.